Since I was a kid I’ve always been interested in photo- and videography at some level. In 2014 I got my first DSLR camera, Nikon D5100, and my first show I got to photograph with it was Michael Monroe at Tavastia, Helsinki in December 2015. Since that show I’ve been photographing almost non-stop different concerts as well as promo pics for bands. I’ve also done a bit of street photography but my main target is in band photography.

I started doing videography along with the photography in 2017 and my first short video clip was done in the same year. I’ve also done some multi-camera videos to Youtube for my “guitar cover” videos.

In 2018 I got to take photos of my friends graduation party and shoot my first promo pics for the bands Skycry and Blame Me!. 

In 2018 I also got to shoot and edit my first music video "Teekutsut" for a band called Ruanda as well as got to start photographing for Kaaoszine.

I got to be on tour with Egokills in 2019 and I was their tour photographer for the whole tour. In 2019 I also got involved in four short films part of the school projects. Two was in Stadin Ammattiopisto and two in Aalto University. I was first camera assistant and gaffer in Stadin Ammattiopisto and video assistant and second camera assistant in Aalto University.

In the beginning of 2020 I got to work as an editor / videographer for some of the social media advertisements for Nelonen Media as I was there as an intern for a few months. After that I graduated from Stadin Ammattiopisto as a media student.

“Some people get their fix from different type of stuff... For me it’s photography and music and that I’m able to combine those two things together is beyond amazing”.

Wanna work with me?

Contact: rocktografia@gmail.com